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Presentation of the association

Following the death of Master Tetsuji Murakami - European leader of KARATE-DO SHOTOKAI - on January 24 1987, 10 former students from all over Europe felt the need to join forces that same year to create an international organization: INTERNATIONAL KARATE-DO SHOTOKAI (I.K.D.S.). Its members pursue the Way of Masters Funakoshi, Egami and Murakami. The INTERNATIONAL KARATE-DO SHOTOKAI FEDERATION is a non-profit association, registered with the Prefecture of Paris, with headquarters at: 3, rue Max Ernst Paris 20ème.

Its aims are:

To study, teach and transmit the technique and philosophy of the traditional Japanese martial art of karate-do, as conceived by the masters Gichin Funakoshi, Shigeru Egami and Tetsuji Murakami within the Shotokai Association; to pursue the research undertaken by these masters; to establish a link between all karate practitioners who see it as a spiritual path to self-fulfilment.

Their means of action are the search for harmony and mental concentration with a view to real combat, not competition, and with respect for traditional Budo values.

The I.K.D.S. is made up of :

- an executive committee,

- a technical commission

- affiliated clubs.


From the outset, the I.K.D.S. has been the first and only collegiate organization to teach Shotokai Karate-Do.

The founding members of the I.K.D.S. believe that it is necessary to preserve this collegiality against the idea of a single leader, in order to maintain the philosophy of the traditional martial art of karate-do and a high level of technical and pedagogical standards.

The I.K.D.S. board and technical commission have been succeeded by people who have left their mark on the organization through their contributions. These men and women are part of our movement's history.


France :  

  • Adam PRINCE

  • The Tam NGUYEN

  • Muhamad ZACRIA

  • Vincent CORSO

  • Alain SCHMITT

  • Michel HSU


Italy : 

  • Enzo CELLINI 

  • Giorgio VECCHIET

Belgium : 

  • Yves THELEN


Yougoslavia :


I.K.D.S admnistration

I.K.D.S technical commission

Dojos partners I.K.D.S

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